TravelIf you are planning to travel during the holidays, news reports indicate that now is the best time to put together a travel package. Doing so will enable consumers to travel on a budget, which will give them the latitude to find the best and cheapest holiday packages for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. While you are comparing prices, you do not want to overlook certain travel savings strategies.

  1. Use the 47-day Plan Ahead Rule

While you are planning for your holiday trips, remember the 47-day plan ahead rule. When it comes to holiday bookings, you need to book ahead 47 days. Recent analyses of airfares found that the best time to book a cheap air flight is 47 days ahead of the planned travel date.

  1. Travel on a Holiday, if You Can Do So

If you travel on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another holiday, you will pare down your costs for travel. Most people travel the day before or after a holiday. Therefore, these are the most expensive travel days.

  1. Reserve in Bulk

If you purchase a series of holiday trips, you may be eligible to receive a discount.

  1. Use Hotel Loyalty Points or Rewards

If you book reservations in a hotel in which you previously stayed, you may be eligible to use previously earned reward or loyalty points.

  1. Reserve Your Own Car Rentals

Even though many travel booking platforms give you the alternative to include a car rental in the purchase, you generally get a better deal if you book your own car rental.

  1. Buy Travel Insurance

Don’t gamble on your travel plans for the holidays. Never skip buying travel insurance as it can be a financial lifesaver if your trip is detained because of the weather or another unanticipated event.

  1. Use Your Smartphone to Save Money

Shop on travel sites that offer mobile-only special deals. Installing an app can help you save especially on hotels – a savings that is not available for non-mobile customers.

  1. Make Use of Cash-back Retail Sites

Use sites on the Internet that permit you to receive a cash back when you book reservations at hotels or use the services of car rental companies or airlines.

  1. Take Flights during Off-Peak Hours

The best time of the day to catch a flight or to save money is between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. If you are willing to get up that early, you can realize a large savings in costs.

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